1. Time

At edb, we promote a sustainable lifestyle that avoids overproduction and waste. While keeping an inventory to the minimal, most of edb sofas and sectionals are produced on order. That means materials are bought when an order is placed. Productions are bundled and scheduled rapidly after each order. As a result, our delivery time ranges between 2-4 months. We understand that it is a long wait, but custom production takes time. Quality requires time. Uniqueness demands time. 

We offer hundreds of configurations in dozens of fabrics to suit every taste, it is impossible to keep everything in stock. Your sofa is produced just for you when you order it. 

By joining our journey, you contribute to support businesses that believe in softer, slower and more sustainable practices. 

2. Slip covers

All our sofas, ottomans, armchairs and sectionals have fully removable slipcovers. Generally, sofa cushions all have removable covers. What really sets edb apart from others is the fact that our sofa frame covers are also removable. 

At edb, the back cushions, the seat cushions and the sofa frames covers can all be removed, washed and most importantly, changed if desired. Our customers can purchase new slipcovers in any fabric offered. The price of a full set of covers varies between 25-35% depending on models. 

This unique feature on highly complex shapes and designs makes our products practical for daily use. Producing sofas for over twenty years, the team at edb knows that the weak links in a sofa are not its legs, nor its cushions nor its frame. It’s the fabric. Fabrics wear out about twice as fast as any other parts of the sofa. Dirty, soiled sofas are an integral part of living. Being able to remove the covers and ultimately change them is what can save a sofa and will give it a much longer lifespan, therefore reducing over-consumption and premature waste as well as benefiting financial savings. 

 3. Putting on slipcovers 

Are slipcovers easy to put on? At edb, our team can take off and put on a slipcover of one sofa in about 30 minutes. Sofas with seat and back cushions are easiest. We believe anyone with a certain handiness can do it quite comfortably. We have videos showing how each model is slipcovered. Our trained staff can also show you in person at our showroom if required. We design our products to make the slipcover process intuitive and uncomplicated. Here are some links to see how our sofas slipcover work. 

 4. Follow up and procedures

Once an order is placed, our production team will group a number of items together to form a production batch and send it to our production ateliers. This stage takes about 1-4 weeks.

Depending on the availability of materials at that time and the production schedule, the actual construction time of any product takes between 30-60 days.

Once an order is ready, it is delivered to our warehouse. The transit time varies from 1-4 weeks depending on products.

Throughout the process, our team analyses and arranges multiple group of clients based on the different production runs. Our customer and clients service team sends by email an update every 3-5 weeks.  Edb tries to send as many updates as possible during the course of the order. If you have any questions regarding the status of an order, you are more than welcome to contact us at any time. Service@elementdebase.com

We do our best to get back to enquiries within 24 hours.

5. Feathers

Many of edb sofas seat or back cushions are filled with a mix of foam and feathers. This type construction offers visual puffiness and also adds comfort when sitting in. All feather-filled cushions require more maintenance. A feather pillow used in bed must be fluffed back each morning or after use. Edb feather-filled cushions  requires a regular fluffing to keep the nice and puffy look. 

Alternately, if fluffing or feathers are not your cup of tea, an order for a feather-less sofa may be requested. There are no additional fee. We can make all our sofas vegan (exept the Expo collection). 

The seat will be slightly firmer and not as puffed up and the back cushions with be spongier, and totally comfortable. 

6. Cleaning

Unless specified, all edb slipcovers must be dry cleaned to prevent tearing or shrinking. Handwashing with non abrasive detergent in the sink is recommended for spot cleaning and must always be air dried. 

We offer a limited selection of stain treated fabrics that may also be machine washed. Ask our team about these options, if you absolutely need such features. 

7. Deposit and delivery

edb offers simple payment options. Orders taking 2-4 months of production can be placed with an easy deposit of 20%.  This option is only available in store or by email or phone. Our team at the store or via email or phone may assist you with such option. The balance is paid before delivery. 

Once the sofa order is ready, our team always books a delivery appointment before shipping any sofas. Due to the nature of the delivery (2-men are required), we do not send out sofa without an appointment. 

8. We’ve got your back 

The concept of sustainability behind edb sofas does not stop at making slipcovers. It permeates every facet of how we operate. Unlike many other stores, edb allows you to purchase each part of the sofa by the piece. One of the back cushion was damaged by the cat, it’s possible to buy just that casing cover. One of the seat cushion is soiled, we can sell you just that seat cushion. One of the legs of the sofa purchased 5 years ago broke during the latest move, we can also replace it. Since we control all our production, we have the patterns of all our designs and we can produce them as need be.  When something does not work, most other stores will in most cases tell you to buy a whole new sofa as they are unable to sell you the parts. That is one of the reasons people throw away their furniture. At edb, we care about the longevity of our products and when one of the weak links go off, we can replace it. 

By doing so, we make sure your sofa lasts longer, reducing premature waste and extending the life span of furniture. 

9. Made in 

Edb was founded and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. All the collections are designed by our local team of in-house designers. In order to provide the most value for our customers, production is carried out across multiple centers around the world. Our products are designed in Montreal, but produced around the world. Our products are made in Canada, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan and India. Please refer to the technical information on the product page to validate the country of origin. 

10. Sofa systems that celebrate individuality

Flexibility is paramount at edb. It is a central principle that guides our design philosophy. We design our sofas and complement collections as systems. A system of modules that may be combined, separated or rearranged to create unique spaces. Adding to the mix dozens of fabric options and the matrix becomes infinite. It is truly easy to create a sofa layout that nobody in the world has besides you. Flexibility brings extreme customization, and individuality. Sofas made to stand out.