designed in montreal

When we created élément de base, we set out to launch a sustainable company that inspires creative interiors through its offer of stylish, renewable, locally designed furniture at prices to suit any budget.

This is why we disrupt traditional distribution channels, sell directly online to consumers and design our own products in-house, collaborating with the best designers right here in Montreal. It’s why we operate far from trendy, overpriced locations, charge less and maintain tighter margins. This is how we have come to offer better-made, cutting-edge furniture at a fraction of current prices.

But it doesn’t stop there.

From the moment we began sketching our collection, we designed our products to be “renewable”. We had a vision of furniture that evolves and transforms over time, making it durable, longer lasting and thereby sustainable: the longer our furniture lives on for, the less waste for our planet.

As part of this philosophy, our sofas are produced with slipcovers, just like top European manufacturers. Tables are made with interchangeable tops. Small items have no specific functions and can be used in many different settings. Our spirit of design is to enable you to give our furniture a second life, a third life, as many lives as you wish. In a world surrounded by fast food, faster technology, disposable clothes and disposable furniture, we propose a slower pace. We propose renewable furniture. Renewable furniture designed locally.

The EDB equation:

stylish design + affordable prices + designed in Montreal + renewable furniture

At EDB, we believe everyone should have the right to a beautiful home. Like the basic quality ingredients you need to cook a wonderful, heartfelt meal, our collection offersthe building blocks from which you can assemble and create your interiors. We are your “élément de base”. Through the choice of our different models, colours, fabrics and base coordination, anyone can and will find a way to express his or her creative personality.

Welcome to our new world.
Let’s make our homes places we want to go back to all the time!